The only full-service relationship curation agency

The only full-service relationship curation agency

Why The Crush Confidential?

After years of matchmaking, coaching and listening to my clients, a continuing narrative presented, time after time, date after date. “What do I do now?” I knew that I needed to start a company that did not just pride itself on one positive date, but actually helped people create connections, perfect the dating experience and cultivate real relationships. From this concept, The Crush Confidential was born.

We are the only full-service relationship curation agency in the country. Although we are in the matchmaking industry, we are not only matchmakers. We are coaches, advocates, guides and, most importantly, confidants of our clientele.

There are hundreds of matchmaking companies. We are in the relationship business. -Amanda Hood, CEO & Founder

From History To HERstory…

I am Amanda Hood. I am utterly passionate about getting to know my clients and having a keen vision for who makes the perfect match! I have been a college professor and small business owner and consultant for the past 7 years. Equipped with superb communication skills and service techniques, my comfort is in delighting my clients. When you are happy, I am happy! With my ability to successfully guide my clients throughout this amazing experience, I have a “knack” for connecting personalities that complement one another.

Having several long-term relationships, partnerships, engagements and marriages under my professional belt, I understand what it takes to recognize a relationship that has the potential for longevity, particularly since I have been happily married almost 20 years, myself! I will help you feel comfortable enough to mention all the little “extra” things that make you, you. And, I am ecstatic to be able to make those “extras” shine through in your character! With you and I as a relationship creating team, you can focus on what is truly important in your life…albeit your job, your friends or your family. You can relax and sit back. I will do the rest.

Get ready singles, I am going to show you how to celebrate being YOU in order to attract others!

“There are Hundreds of matchmaking companies. We are in the relationship business.” -Amanda Hood, CEO & Founder

Why The Crush Confidential?

At The Crush Confidential, we specialize in the best matchmaking services, led by the esteemed Amanda Hood. Our luxury matchmaking services ensure personalized high-end Matchmaking Services according to your needs. With our executive matchmaking service, finding your possible match is easier than ever.

But we offer more than just matchmaking. Our relationship coaching helps you develop essential relationship building skills. From personalized coaching sessions to fun activities for singles, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our Life Coaching helps you work through challenges and strengthen your relationship with yourself, so you can find happiness.

With Amanda Hood as your trusted relationship coach, you’re in good hands. Whether it’s your first dates or you’re seeking guidance for a long-lasting relationship, Amanda’s expertise shines through in the Personal Matchmaking Process.

At The Crush Confidential, our mission is to help you find your match and build a committed relationship. Whether you’re searching for a Professional Matchmaker, a millionaire matchmaker, or exploring the world of luxury dating, we’re here to make your romantic dreams a reality.

From History To HERstory…

Gather ’round, love seekers, and let me spin you a tale of romance and adventure. Meet Amanda Hood, your very own Love and Coaching guru, ready to whisk you away on a journey through luxury dating in the USA. For 7 illustrious years, Amanda has been donning multiple hats – from shaping young minds as a teacher, to steering the helm of her business empire, to offering sage advice as a trusted advisor.

But amidst her varied roles, there beats a heart devoted to one mission: bringing people together in the name of love. Step into The Crush Confidential Professional Matchmaking Services, where HERstory unfolds gracefully. She understands the secret ingredients that make relationships thrive.

With Amanda on your team, it’s all about finding love and becoming the best version of yourself. Singles, get ready so you can easily find your soulmate and enjoy the excitement of dating. Our platform is designed for genuine connections, making your journey to love enjoyable Get ready to shine bright and let your love story sparkle like never before, a love story that’s uniquely yours.

About the Service / Packages

Whether you’re looking for love, dating advice, or coaching, we have relationship curation packages and the best matchmaking services for you. We make sure your matches are just right for you.

  • VIP Package

    Our package offers matchmaking, coaching, professional advice, styling, and a home photo session for long-term relationships.

  • Boutique Package

    Our mid-tier package offers matchmaking for singles, including professional advice, coaching, and support throughout your journey.

  • Concierge Package

    Our Concierge Package offers personalized matchmaking for singles in a shorter timeframe, at an affordable price.


7+ Years Experience

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Become a vital part of Crush Confidential’s mission by becoming a Brand Ambassador. As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to share the excitement about our full-service relationship curation agency while living your life as usual. Whether you’re passionate about matchmaking or simply enjoy connecting with others, this commission-based position offers flexibility and the chance to earn rewards while spreading the word about our services. Join us in promoting meaningful connections and helping singles find love today!

Services and Service Areas

Services Nationwide in the USA

We offer our Professional Matchmaking Services in various cities and nearby areas in Ohio: Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton. We aim to help people find love and relationships in these communities.

Whether you’re exploring with singles or perfecting your love dance, join us in each state with our best matchmaking services, so we bring the magic of love to you.


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Explore Our Services Across 7 States and 15 Cities in the USA

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Help Received From The Crush Confidential.

Our team is here to support you in honing important relationship building skills and arranging enjoyable activities for couples to enhance your connection. We’re here to help you improve communication and build trust, guiding you every step of the way. Our personalized matchmaking process makes sure you find the perfect match with ease. Trust our life coaches to equip you with what’s needed for a lasting bond.

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At The Crush Confidential, we focus on finding the perfect match for you. Our experienced matchmakers are committed to finding you a partner who fits your criteria.

We handpick matches based on your preferences and goals, unlike apps that use algorithms.

With high-end matchmaking, you get personalized attention and access to exclusive networks for better matches.

We get to know you deeply and find matches tailored to you, ensuring compatibility and meaningful connections.

Our coaches offer guidance and skills for the best dating services for professionals to build strong, lasting relationships.


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