A Matchmaking Company vs. A Relationship Company

It was the same story, over and over again. Single people meet through a matchmaking service and then are not guided or coached about what to do next or how to properly build a relationship after the first date. The Crush Confidential the matchmaking company was birthed from this concept…we launch RELATIONSHIPS, not just make matches.

Did you know that when matchmaking companies talk about their high success percentages, they are referring to just the first meetings, where both people said, “yes” to a second date? That’s it. That is the definition of “success” in the matchmaking industry. Why? Because matchmaking companies do not follow their couple journeys and gather data after their first date. These organizations are simply introduction services, and frankly, there are a TON of them, all with an identical business model.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Amanda Hood is the owner of The Crush Confidential, guiding individuals on their journey to find love

Yes, we can help with that. We offer memorable first-date ideas to make your experience special.

We guide couples through their journey to build a strong relationship.

Yes, our relationship coaches offer guidance on communication, building trust, and planning memorable dates.

We provide high-quality matchmaking services to increase the likelihood of finding compatible and fulfilling connections for our clients.

Owner and Company

Meet Amanda Hood, the awesome leader behind The Crush Confidential! With her background, she’s not just a matchmaker – she’s your love coach. The Crush Confidential is more than a dating site; it’s about creating lasting connections. They don’t just stop at the first date – they stick around to guide couples with ongoing support.

Your privacy is a big deal here, and The Crush Confidential is all about making your dating experience safe and enjoyable. It’s like having a personal guide on your love journey. If you’re a professional looking for a fancy dating experience, they’ve got you covered!

The signs of a committed relationship are all about talking openly, respecting each other, and working towards shared goals. Our goal is simple: redefine matchmaking by focusing on continuous support, making The Crush Confidential your dedicated partner in finding lasting love.

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Love is the melody of two hearts harmonizing in the beautiful symphony of a committed relationship.