When you choose The Crush Confidential, you get more than just a matchmaker. You get a team working behind you, to help create your new relationship. We are in the business of setting up clients for SUCCESS.

Amanda Hood, VIP Elite Matchmaker

I am Amanda Hood. I am utterly passionate about getting to know my clients and having a keen vision for who makes the perfect match! I have been a college professor and small business owner and consultant for the past 7 years. Equipped with superb communication skills and service techniques, my comfort is in delighting my clients. When you are happy, I am happy! With my ability to successfully guide my clients throughout this amazing experience, I have a “knack” for connecting personalities that complement one another. Having several long-term relationships, partnerships, engagements and marriages under my professional belt, I understand what it takes to recognize a relationship that has the potential for longevity, particularly since I have been happily married almost 20 years, myself! I will help you feel comfortable enough to mention all the little “extra” things that make you, you. And, I am ecstatic to be able to make those “extras” shine through in your character! With you and I as a relationship creating team, you can focus on what is truly important in your life…albeit your job, your friends or your family. You can relax and sit back. I will do the rest.

Get ready singles, I am going to show you how to celebrate being YOU in order to attract others!


Anya Clark, Transformation Coach

Hello! I’m Anya, I’m so excited to be your guide on your transformative journey towards relational wholeness. I’m a passionate explorer of all things relationships, with over a decade of experience in psychology and interpersonal dynamics. My journey has been enriched by studying alongside experts in the field, including Jayson Gaddis, Stan Tatkin, and Mark Groves. Their insights have profoundly shaped my approach, allowing me to offer a holistic and compassionate perspective on relational wellness. I’m on a mission to help individuals recognize their inner brilliance, embrace authenticity, and build the confidence to attract and nurture the relationships they desire. Dating can be frustrating when it feels like you’re stuck in the same patterns without seeing results. This happens because our nervous systems are biologically wired from a very young age to seek safety and belonging. When we don’t consciously address our patterns and what’s holding us back, our subconscious beliefs continue to hold us back. My approach is rooted in a trauma-informed perspective, emphasizing safety, trust, and empowerment. This foundation allows us to address past wounds and create a solid platform for personal growth and relationship success. Whether you’re healing from past trauma, enhancing existing connections, or seeking healthier relationships, I’m here to guide you every step of the way!

Franzy Staedter, Professional Image Consultant

I am Franzy Staedter, the Founder and Lead Image Consultant at StaedterStyle, Inc. Think of me as your Style Partner-in-Chief. Born in Germany, I set roots in the U.S. in my early twenties.

For more than ten years, I’ve been curating styles and perfecting wardrobes. In 2012, I established the foundation of my fashion and style career in Los Angeles. Though I gained recognition in celebrity styling and costume design, my heart has and always will be with every individual in search of tailored style guidance.

With clients from all walks of life in mind, I aimed to make style and fashion universally accessible, regardless of location. This led to the introduction of my virtual styling program in 2018.

My approach blends creativity of style with a structured methodology. You can count on being well-informed, knowing precisely what to anticipate as you embark on a style journey with me. I prioritize simplicity while providing comprehensive support to make your experience seamless.

Fashion should be a source of joy and simplicity. That’s the core of my philosophy and I’m committed to consistently create new and innovative approaches to broaden the fashion experience for everyone.

I’m excited to connect with you to explore your style aspirations in detail.

www.staedterstyle.com FB@FranzyStaedter

Lori Irwin, Certified Relational Life Therapy (RLT) Coach

I am Lori Irwin. I’m a truth-telling, eternally curious therapeutic relationship coach who loves nothing more than being in nature, soaking up a good podcast, and laughing and loving within my own relationships. I strive to learn from all of the human experience; the pain, the joy, the bumps, the ditches, and of course, the mountain tops. My background includes a Masters Degree in Communication Sciences, work as a professional matchmaker, and my current career as a Certified Relational Life Therapy (RLT) Coach. I am trained by Terry Real of the Relational Life Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Additionally, I am trained in the Healing Our Core Issues (DARTT/HOCI) model of developmental and relational trauma therapy, developed by Jan Bergstrom through her close work with Pia Mellody. I believe we all have many “parts” that make us unique. I believe we need to get to know these parts within ourselves in order to show up in our relationships as mature, functional adults capable of intimate connection. Developing practices around self esteem and boundaries are crucial for creating healthy interdependence with others. I look forward, as your coach, to facilitating your inner work to show up as your best self to your dating journey.