Thoughtful Relationship Curation Packages

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All packages by The Crush Confidential are considered relationship curation packages. This means that we do not focus on single introductions, but the advancement from dating to partnership. As every human is different, with varying relationship needs, packages are tailored specifically for each client. We specialize in relationship coaching and offer comprehensive relationship coaching packages designed to cater to your individual needs. Our VIP relationship manager and relationship consultant provide first-class client service, ensuring that you receive personalized attention and support throughout your journey.

VIP Package

Upgrade to our VIP Package for an exclusive journey to lasting love. Get personalized dates, expert coaching, and even a home photo session with a licensed photographer. Plus, enjoy 10 hours of personalized styling by our expert.

With a dedicated VIP relationship manager and consultant, your personal relationship expert will be by your side, ensuring each step in your romantic journey is met with care.

Let The Crush Confidential be your partner in turning casual dating into a meaningful relationship. Experience the love with our VIP package, where your romantic dreams become a reality!

Boutique Package

Our Boutique Package is like the upgraded version for those ready to level up in the dating world. With this package, you get all the stuff from our Concierge Package, plus extra perks like professional advice, coaching, and resources.

You still get personalized matches and a smooth journey, but now you also have expert advice and support throughout your time with The Crush Confidential. It’s like having a helpful friend cheering you.

Upgrade your dating game with The Crush Confidential’s Package the perfect blend of extra support and an exciting dating adventure.

Concierge Package

Our Crush Confidential Concierge Package is the perfect choice for those who want a special dating experience that’s quick and affordable. It’s like a catered journey to build connections, crafted for a shorter time frame.

With this package, you get top-notch treatment – from awesome client service to expert advice and cool introductions to interesting people. It’s like a fast track to a great dating adventure without breaking the bank.

The Concierge Package from The Crush Confidential is here to make your dating experience smooth, enjoyable, and pocket-friendly.

*Our package prices start at $15,000 USD

*VIP Elite Packages are completely customized, and clients work exclusively with Amanda Hood